The light issued by every source must be shielded so that it not arrive to the ocular globe directly. An appropriate lighting allows to see objects and distances in a proportioned way.

The perfect source of light is the sun, which is able to illumine everything with both direct and diffuse light.

The possibility of changing in any moment the percentage of direct and diffuse light produced by a source, removes the various problems due to the use of a unique point of light.

The system copyrighted as industrial patent is named: ” Synchronously coaxially collapsible modular construction for illumination engineering”, and it was created to deflect and control the flow of light produced by any kind of bulb.

The manual use is simple. One could move modules to create the cone of light, thus changing the percentage of direct and diffuse light from the lamp.

The engined versions can be placed at certain height.


Energy-saving lamps increase the light’s performance lowering the energy consumption.

The mechanical modular system can be adapted to any source of light. The number of modules, the shape, the colour, and the material may vary and every kind of light will became possible.

The models can only be purchased online, every model is numbered and registered with a purchase certification.


It is a simple system for generating different lighting solutions, easily to clean and to install.

A simple and modern aesthetics, intended to integrate at its best between forniture elements.

The ground version, table, suspended and wall complete the possibilities of use.

The use of materials with particular characteristic of reflection and diffusion give different resultant lights.

Some collections have a production which could be limited to a few pieces, or modified based on the customer’s request.

The available tipologies can be modified for specific needs, i.e. the height of the stems or the length of electrical and suspension cables.

For any question regarding the modification or the production of particular pieces please send an email to the following address, attaching a file with the drawing: